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The Greater Tampa Bay PC User Group (GTBPCUG) meets the first and third Tuesday evenings at 7:00 P.M. at Bloomingdale Regional Library, 1906 Bloomingdale Avenue, Valrico, FL. While the group supports IBM compatible personal computers, group meetings are open to all computer enthusiasts.

Meetings consist of one General Meeting, sometimes with vendor presentations, and an Internet Special Interest Group (SIG) session that focuses on the Internet, email, WiFi and other internet related topics. All meetings provide a Question & Answer help session after the meeting. See the Meetings page for the current schedule.


Group members receive a monthly newsletter [temporarily suspended], containing reviews of programs and hardware, and other computer-related news. Members also are able to contact group volunteers for answers to computing questions, and have access to a library of training materials. Qualified members also have the opportunity to review programs and hardware from major companies, and then will own the program if their review is published in the group's newsletter.

General Meeting

The monthly General Meeting features a software or hardware demonstration, often by a vendor, announcements, computer related news, questions and answers, drawings for free software and hardware, and social time.


The Internet SIG usually meets on the first Tuesday of each month, starting at 7:00 pm. Members learn how to access and explore the Internet, configure their software, use the World Wide Web, send and receive email, transfer files with FTP, telnet to other sites, participate in newsgroups, etc. Each Internet SIG features a live demonstration on the Internet.
Ample time is provided for Questions and Answers

Internet Access

At most meetings a wireless router will be set up in the meeting room, so members who have laptops equipped with wireless network capability can access the Internet through the library's network.


For the year 2015, there are no dues! All members pay dues to support various group activities. Group dues are now only $16 per year, payable each January, with new members prorated  for each month remaining in the calendar year. In addition, all new members pay a one-time equipment fee of $20., which helps the group keep its equipment up-to-date.

For additional information, contact Membership Coordinator at: membership@gtbpcug.org

Or contact the officers directly by sending an email to:

Greater Tampa Bay PC User Group

Snail mail can be sent to:
Greater Tampa Bay PC User Group, Inc.
P.O. Box 501
Brandon, FL 33509-0501

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