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Bay Bytes Newsletter

Bay Bytes is the official newsletter of the Greater Tampa Bay PC User Group. Published monthly, Bay Bytes is distributed to club members and selected vendors. Bay Bytes accepts advertising from selected companies at individually negotiated rates.

Bay Bytes newsletters are available on-line in the widely used .pdf format. Both of the following can read .pdf files:

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Bay Bytes issues on-line

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Search: To locate a specific word or topic in the listings below, in Internet Explorer press Ctrl+F, and then enter your search word or term. Terms do not require quotes. 

Links: Web sites sometimes discontinue or change the location of their pages. As a result, the links provided below, in blue, and within each newsletter issue, are for your convenience, but you may find that some, especially in older issues of the newsletter, are no longer valid.

Note: the July, 2013 issue below is currently the last issue of Bay Bytes. When publication of Bay Bytes is resumed, it will be announced here.

July 2013 (777 KB)

How to beat Facebook Addiction - suggestions on how overcome or control one's addiction to Facebook, by Leslie Walker

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